A good read

John Barrs book Barr Flies is hands down one of the best fly tying books out there currently. It is akin to Bob Popovics book Pop Fleyes, both having beautiful step by step pictures and  the evolution behind their creations explained to the reader. Where
Barr flies differs from other books is it’s walk through on how each fly is to be fished as well as how to fish them as a part of a rig. Barr goes into great detail explaining the purpose each fly was created for and why each material is selected for it. I personally can’t wait to tie up some vis-a-duns and temp some of Mossy Creeks resident browns later this month. The fish in mossy gorge themselves on bwo’s all winter and Barr’s pattern is spot on, he nailed the slim profile that many patterns seem to over look. Click here to pick this book up.

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