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Wild Trout Streams

I’m a little upset that some of my “spots” are on this map but hey, now I know a lot more places to pick up some wild fish.

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Valley Creek

On the way back from visiting my girlfriend in Jersey, I stopped off in Pa to fish for brown trout in Valley Creek. After doing my research and finding out where everyone else fished, I made a conscious effort to avoid it at all costs. I found an access point further upstream and seeing how it was fathers day I was happy to have the place to myself.

If there was every can argument for a 5ft flyrod, this is the creek. Choked with foliage, there was almost no room to cast, add a gradient of almost zero and you could see the fish fleeing from 50 yds away. Thank God the fish were not nearly as selective as spooky. I was surprised that such a small creek had such fat browns in there, the average around 10 inches I saw fish up to 14!

I ended up taking four browns, I managed to find two pools where I could get a cast off and sneak up on the fish, however it was quickly ended when a woman decided to ignore my plea to fish and walked her dog through the head of the pool. What can you do? The hot fly of the day was a quick sight ant but after two fish I accidentally ripped the foam. I will for sure be making Valley Creek a regular detour when coming back home from Jersey.

This was the first time I fished in the new chest pack (exceeded expectations)! and the first time I fished in an Ed Hardy Graphic T, I mean come on I just left the dirty jerz, when in Rome right? Please don’t judge.

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New Gear

I upgraded from a vest to this pimp daddy chest pack. Hands down the best chestpack I have EVER owned with enough space for everything you would need on the river and a ton of features. I also love the magnet close system, if you’re as careless as me you’ve definitely had things fall out of your vest from not zipping it, this pack eliminates that problem.

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FLy Tying!

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The Blitz


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Looking Back

Nurse Shark on a Fly, oh how I miss Puerto Rico

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Improved Clinch Vs. Figrue 8

Davy Knot


Blood Knot


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