BWO Emerger


  • Hook: Orvis 1639 size 20 or just a 1x short shank fine wire emerger hook
  • Thread: Olive 8/0
  • Shuck: Olive gator hair
  • Body: One Pheasant tail hurl
  • Wing: CdC puff, dun
  • Thorax: Olive spectrablend dry fly dubbing

The fly is tied in order of the list above.

Start the thread at the middle of the shank at the hook point


After four wraps tie in gator hair shuck and rap to hook barb then trim. Next tie in pheasant tail and wrap it back up to the hook point.

Now Tie in the CdC wing

Dub to just behind the eye and whip finish



One Response to BWO Emerger

  1. colby says:

    the durability of this fly isnt super great, instead if you use a goose or turkey biot and before you wrap put a thin layer of sally hansen or hard as hull, then wrap biot forward. that will give that same ribbed look, hope that helped brother.

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