Bass Bugg

With the Bass milling around and the water warming up the most exciting way to get at these fish is with a top water bass bug. One of my favorite ways to fish with bass if with deer hair bugs, below is how you can tie some of your own. Remember kids its all about thread control.


Hook: Any “bass” hook

Thread: Flat waxed nylon, Kevlar Thread for spinning the hair

Tail: Made up of 4 pairs of  feathers from various saltwater necks. The colors in this picture are 2 pairs of green grizzly on the inside, chartruse in the middle sandwhiched by orange grizzly on the outside.

Flash: Krystal flash

Legs: Various colors of rubber legs

Body: Deer belly hair

Eyes: Doll Eyes, superglued in place.

First assemble your supplies. Pair your feathers before hand to make tying them in easier.

Put the hook in the vise, if you can’t figure that out then quit fly fishing. Next tie ( with you flat waxed thread) in your rubber legs and add some krystal flash to spice this up. YO, this is tied with a weed guard all up in the bitch but pleas ignore the pictures, I HATE weed guards and cut them off because it makes it harder to hook smaller bass. Sorry not every fish I catch is a 10lb bucket mouth.

Stack your feathers on your thigh then tie them in concave so they look like frogs legs or “kick” when you strip this fly through the water.

Tie back all all your feathers and junk so It doesn’t mix in when you’re spinning your deer hair. Tie off your flat waxed nylon and switch to kevlar dying thread for this next part.

For this solid color you’re going to want to “stack” you’re deer hair rather than spin it. You would want to spin for the bands of color we will add later in the tie. MAKE SURE TO USE KEVLAR tying thread for this part.

Stack large clumps of your chartreuse belly hair until you get a good back along the hook shank. Push bank and then “spin” in some dark green deer belly hair.

Spin in some black deer belly hair and then tie in some rubber legs, the same way you would do for the ghetto super yummy.

Spin some red and orange deer belly hair in front of the legs

NOT FOR “EMO” people. Take out a razor blade and cut the bottom of the hair clump flat and level. Use the razor blade to shape the hair into what is pictured above.

Where the rubber legs come out, cut out some notches and super glue in some doll eyes. Now you’re done!!!! Go catch some bass.


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