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Cheap Beads!

Aw hellz yeah! 100 Brass beads for 4$? I’m on this like a hobo on a ham sandwhich. Check it out at Wholesale Fly Company Advertisements

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Catch Magazine

Catch Magazine

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Fresh Blogs

1) This River is Wild 2) Rise Form Studios 3) This is Fly 4) 40 Rivers to Freedom 5) Ebony Angler

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River Lessons

I woke up. Good thing I did because if I didn’t I’d be dead. It was 5:45am and I didn’t feel like making any long drives so I hit up the Gun Powder River north of Baltimore, Maryland. Close trout … Continue reading

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Tying with deer hair

With the Bass milling around and the water warming up the most exciting way to get at these fish is with a top water bass bug. One of my favorite ways to fish with bass if with deer hair bugs, … Continue reading

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 Tiger Trout caught at Back Creek (Va). The water was high, I was fishing a “czech” nymph rig. This dude took a prince, holla

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Mossy Rainbow

My buddy Joe and I managed to thread the needle and fish Mossy before it got blown out by a rainstorm. I ended up catching my largest fish at Mossy to date, who would have guessed it would have been … Continue reading

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