Make your own Cliff Fly Box: From Bent Rod Media


(This is not my content and was taken from Bent Rod Media, Please Check them out)

Ever look at a Cliff fly box? Nice Right?? Ever try to make your own for 1/10th the price……..Here’s how.

1) Look in the Sunday paper or online to find a coupon for you local Craft store. (I got 40% off my total purchase= 36$ total investment for 2 XL and 1 Large boxes completely finished).
2) Supplies: ArtBin Case (size of choice), 8 pages of foam (color of choice), 1 can of 3m spray, 1 can spray paint primer, 1 can spray paint color of choice, 1 Razor blade pen, a ruler, scissors, and ink pin (beer not required).

3) Remove locks and spray on primer (2 coats).
4) While waiting for primer to dry (the primer doesn’t take long to dry) Size foam by pressing a piece of foam on the raised edge (see the picture above of the raised edge).  Then use a pen to outline  and cut to match size. It takes 8 total pieces, 4 on each side to properly seat a fly, especially a large fly.

5) Spray on color of choice and let dry 24 hrs sun bake if possible.

6)  Put in oven for 7 minutes at 170 degrees until golden brown.

7) Mount foam (this was the toughest part) make sure you have something heavy to place on the foam to hold it down for a while to let the 3m stick.  The trick with putting the 4 foam pieces together is to go ahead and cut the slots prior to putting the foam together.  Then hold the slotted foam and spray on 3m and then stick it to the un-slotted foam that way when you put the flies in they won’t stick to the 3m spray (I learn this the hard way).

You can also make yourself and generic CFS box or hook holding box for fly tying.


One Response to Make your own Cliff Fly Box: From Bent Rod Media

  1. Matt says:

    Did this tonight for a boat box. I glued two sheets on the outside for drying flies while fishing. I always wanted a Cliff’s box but the price kept me away.

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