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Come Kick it.

Old school flow, gets a new school look. Thanks to the boys at A Tribe Called Quest the scene has some of the smoothest jams the worlds ever vibed out to.  Click In the meantime, don’t be scared to get … Continue reading

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Ensuring a Lifetime of Fish

Fresh off the Gunpowder yesterday I had my talk radio bumping. NPR is one of my few viable options these days considering both my iPod and CD player are broken. On popped a story about GE writing off their $5.1 … Continue reading

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Fit for Fish

Our sport like any other favors the fittest. This complete fisherman’s workout features exercises three non-essential exercises, and a series of quality videos. Forearm: Because behind every Hollywood-esc cast, there’s a stiff forearm.  Core: Give your lower back a break and increase … Continue reading

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