Super Yummy (Ghetto Version)

  • Hook: Orvis 88O8 #2
  • Eyes: Lead Dumbells
  • Rib: Large Wapsi Wire, Copper
  • Tail: White Marabou
  • Legs: White Round Legs
  • Body: White Estaz
  • Top: White Rabbit Strip
Put the hook in the vise, or use your hands
Tie in led eyes approx. two eye lengths behind the eye, on the underside

Next tie in the rib yo

Tie in the tail, then tie in rubber legs with x wraps on top of the hook shank

Bring the thread back, strip and then tie in the estaz. Wind forward and x wrap over eyes.

Tie in rabbit strip and secure down by wrapping the wire rib around the strip.

Whip Finish and Rip Lips



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